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For thousands of years this malleable and ductile 'metal of antiquity' has been crafted. Its timeless appeal lends to its durability and wellbeing. Handmade from 100% pure, high gauge, copper or brass each bath is unique, luxurious and an affordable addition to your home.

Environmentally, a copper or brass bath is superior, not only has much of the copper or brass been reclaimed, it is a high conductor of heat therefore retaining the waters warmth longer during bathing.

Health wise, a copper or brass bath is unrivalled. Copper is naturally a hygienic metal where bacteria cannot thrive. It has been well documented as an antioxidant and for its anti-inflammatory remedies because of its importance in the production of collagen.

Whilst very light, the resilience and strength of a copper or brass bathtub is incomparable. Simply wiping your bathtub with a damp then dry cloth is all that is required to keep your copper or brass bath looking fresh and elegant. Copper is resistant to corrosion and is scratch proof as over time copper restores itself. 

We are the largest and oldest producer of copper and brass baths in Australia. Integrity is at the heart of our business and we ensure and pride ourselves on our copper and brass bath design, quality and price. We welcome customised projects of all shapes and sizes.


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